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(somewhere in the multiverse)

The growing bubbly mass pops open its peculiar incipient 
life, turning from inside its own being with all senses, 
astrally depicting the biological and evolving mechanical. 
With each and every attribute of machine, animal and god 
merging together in infinite copulations.

So innocent in its guilt, it dreams unknowingly, that its 
dreams are being made flesh. And there was no knowledge 
of good or evil in their colorful visions of the world.  

And then shadows emerged from this void. With one purpose 
in their bent and twisted will. To replicate by raping the 
cells of the innocent, to enslave the world in their lustful 
sleep as their everyday faces smile in mirrors paradise.

From the pulsating stringy veiny streams of ectoplasma the
vision of this world condenses into her room, the nested 
reality observed in this medium.

All windows and mirrors in her room were black, and nobody 
was allowed to enter in. Sunlight was scarce. Cold and blueish 
led lights were carefully positioned to suit her sheltered 
vision of this place.

The black mirrors were there for a reason greater then 
just her fancy. For in the clear looking glass she often 
sighted disturbing apparitions, not pleasing as her 
imagination usually wanders inside.

Day and night she bubbled in this space, rarely sleeping and 
eating, filling its womb with her own sense of pleasure and 
unavoidable doom. As the years passed in this routine as 
observed to the casual eye, she was thinning the veil between 
herself and the Creatrix.

Dani spent the most of his teen and adult life building 
sketches, formulas and probes that appeared to him regularly 
in dreams, daydreams and dark fantasies.

He knew about Elle, the lonely girl stuck in a room full of 
black mirrors. She was the gate of his obsession, her body 
a mystery he had to code in. Every part of her body hiding 
a secret, a wound he had to heal by whispering across the 
mirror worlds, sending messages in her reality by different 
mediums obscuring his voice.

What started as desire and curiosity of his own psychic 
powers slowly turned into his one and only purpose in life. 
His obsession to heal turned himself into a living wound. 
Unable to see his slow demise, or the price to pay, he dared 
the abyss to open all its secrets inside and out.

The black mirrors melted before her eyes and she was looking 
at Dani. Her entire life was now in his hands. All she ever 
learned was unlearned. His probes injecting meaning, the code 
of life into her shattered and broken being, rearranging 
everything she imagined true.

The world a mere illusion, mirrors paradise, fools parade.

Her body just a doll of bones, flesh, blood. Her memories 
not of this world but buried somewhere in the lore of stars 
and gods.

Like Morana of her childhood stories, she ended the nightmare, 
this nuclear winter of modern life, drowned in the mirage of 
love for everything untouched by human sight. 

Dreamflesh beings of all kinds sprang from the Creatrix also, 
forming the essence, entrails, skin of the world. Some were 
somewhere between shadow and more light nature. Some 
contained in itself more other selves. Some were failures 
drifting apart, like circus freaks, usually raped and 
tortured and challenged to mutate into some other life form.

Also known as the Draconian age of this world, it was vile 
beyond any belief. It was not even the survival of the fittest, 
it was a game of perpetual torture, death and rebirth. 

All this was playing out in the subminds of common reality. 
The minds themselves were censoring all these dreamstates. 
Nobody could see these jinns from hell jumping around, hidden, 
somewhere beyond matter, thinner then air and vacuum.

(somewhere not so far away)

Dani fixed his eyes painfully on his traveling bag. By avoiding 
the exposure of its content and taking his stuff with him, he 
entered even more embarrassing situation. In moments of his 
absence, someone obviously inspected his secret, to what degree it 
was a mystery and so the bug of it settled maliciously in.

It was not really the fear of his relatives that bugged him, he 
would be better off without them anyway. Any eye set upon this one 
carried piece in question could corrupt its essence and prevent him 
to continue with his plans. Or so he believed.

It was a second sleepless night during this visit. He was patiently 
waiting for a chance to sneak out and go off into the night, and 
this night the window of chance opened. Taking his bag he tip toed 
out of the house towards an abandoned old house where his 
grandparents used to live.

He paced slowly up the spiraling stairway and memories came flooding 
his excited heart. He could sense again the onyx-like glaring 
structures as he approached the door. The whole scene was mixed 
with imagination of all his running senses. The old wooden doors 
morphed to starry abyss in his reckless mind, not following his 
pace as he tripped over the stairs and fell unconscious.

Constantly being invaded by needles in a hive of society, or maybe 
her own psyche or even beyond, the shelter she made herself in was 
crumbling at its foundation. 

And the needles were stinging ever deeper and deeper.

From mere surface holes that psychotherapy could potentially deal 
with, this was going somewhere in her deep buried molecules of life.

Electric currents streamed inside her, seductive ectoplasmic snakes, 
volcanoes of flesh erupting in ecstatic and horrific motions. 
The beginning of the end of her life.

Danis body was found mysteriously lifeless at the doors of an 
abandoned old house. No sign of physical trauma was found, as if he just 
decided not to live anymore by sheer wishful thinking.

Elle faced the bee queen of her nightmares, the Creatrix, the enigma 
of every mystery ever imagined. The one with a tail in the middle, 
with death inbetween, that is not the end but a door to another life.

The winter was over in this small town of the multiverse, the 
hypersphere eternally spiraling into infinite play of sex, death and 
rebirth, beneath the snowing howling stars.